Lights & Sights Entertainment was established in late 2011

It all started when I spoke to my sister spoke about a jukebox that she borrowed from a friend for a party.  Being the curious type, I opened up the back to have a look.  A few days (and quite a few Google searches) later I decided to build one myself.  It was the strangest thing, I woke up one day and said to my wife – I’m going to build a jukebox and make a business out of it!

I spent the next six weekends in my garage building a jukebox from scratch.  No expense was spared – a few hiccups and a few bruised hands (hammers can be dangerous!!) later our jukebox was finished. Lights n Sights Party Hire was born!


A ‘short’ trip to Wagga Wagga a few months later to collect our first jumping castle, saw our little hobby business grow that little bit more and our Jumping Castle Service quickly became the back-bone of Lights n Sights.

After a successful start to our business and after many happy customers, we have decided to retire the jumping castle service as of April 2018.  It was a great deal of fun watching kids jump around like crazy on our castles.  Thank you to all of you who enjoyed this service, it helped set the way for Lights n Sights!!


New equipment acquisitions would shortly come along.  Not only did we have a fantastic jumping castle, and a very powerful jukebox, we now had some cool lighting & visual effects to go with it!


As our little hobby continued to grow, so did my enthusiasm for putting on a good show – I decided to properly learn the art of the DJ.  I had DJ’d parties in the past (all I needed was a few good songs, a few buttons pushed and away I went) – it seemed easy enough right?? Wrong!  I learned very quickly that performing as a DJ is a lot more than just pushing buttons!!

I went to a DJ school in Melbourne and there I met my DJ mentor Benny – multi award winning and Australian DMC (Disco Mix Club) Champion – DJ BTWO.  I have studied under BTWO since 2013, learning the craft and with these new skills, Lights n Sights Party Hire launched our Mobile DJ service in late 2014.

Update March 2021 – Our mobile DJ service has now performed at close to 100 weddings & events and is now our flagship service!!


Not to be out-done, my wife Amanda wanted to help our business grow and used her artistic side to do it. Amanda loves to paint so why not put that paint on little human canvasses? In early 2015 the Lights n Sights’ Face Painting service had commenced!

A few questions about our services was all it took to branch out even further – a Candy Buffet was soon introduced and became part of our expanding repertoire of services.  All sorts of yummy sugary goodness and different colours are available!

Update March 2021 – with the arrival of our youngest daughter in December 2016, our Face Painting Service has retired.  Amanda loved working with the kids and putting a simle on their face – along with heaps of paint!!


After seeing how much fun a photo booth can be at an event, I decided to look into having one of our own!  Putting some building skills and technical know-how to the test, our photo booth was constructed complete with a heap of fun props and some colourful backdrops!

Update March 2021 – wehave upgraded our Photobooth to now utilise a Digital SLR camera! Super high quality images are now included in your photobooth service!


Lights n Sights Party Hire has become more than a small party hire business helping people out with parties.  From such simple and humble origins, our weekend hobby had become something so much more – an entertainment company.

Lights n Sights Party Hire was re-launched as Lights & Sights Entertainment in January 2016 and with the new name comes a new direction for our business, where excellent service and most importantly, value for money is our company philosophy!

We sincerely hope you enjoy your Lights & Sights experience!

Andrew Petrie
Director / Founder
Lights & Sights Entertainment

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Lights & Sights Entertainment